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Salmon Slicers Beware

Fish Processing Robotics is here..Big Time!

A fascinating video published by Bloomberg features ROBO fish processing currently deployed in Iceland which is virtually eliminating the human hand in the selection of fish and their cutting, gutting , and filleting. This completely automated system is well suited to Iceland’s booming fishing industry.  Before the ROBO system the fish harvested in Icelandic waters were shipped off to other destinations for processing. Now the value added from processing by robot in Iceland is bringing in millions more money to the economy. So if you happen to see wild caught Icelandic fish for sale in your supermarket its likely processed without the human hand. The human mind of course is at work creating and tweaking the algorithms that allow the automation to function.

Lets leap to NYC where establishments such as Zabars and Russ and Daughters employ highly skilled time-honored fish slicers who provide their customers with most excellent hand cuts of delectable smoked salmon and other smoked fishes. There is absolutely no comparison between a hand sliced, hand packed and wrapped in wax paper package of smoked fished to those vacuumed packed, stuck to golden cardboard, machine cut smoked fish that you see in every supermarket refrigerator case. In the vestiges of the NY’s traditional fish stores highly skilled employee’s still do the cleaning and filleting to order as well. Is it just a matter of time before every fish will be machine processed?

Ex Machina Piscis!

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