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Beyond Burger..Beyond Belief ??

The highly touted Beyond Burger, a meatless largely vegetable protein burger, is making its way into Whole Foods and selected restaurants around the country.

The goal of this well-funded (there are Bill Gate’s dollars in this) food creationism, is to provide burger lovers with a product that will have the characteristics of the animal (beef) based burgers; i..e. flavor; texture, mouth feel,umami, etc.  Even better this burger will unleash few of the nasty externalities of eating beef.


Saving the Planet One Veggie Burger at a Time !

The one thing Beyond Burger has going for it is a well oiled publicity machine. There are lots of articles and buzz in the food world. Of course with a Whole Foods roll out a lot of product will be sold.  Will it live up to all the hype?

TheFoodBoomBlogger would like to interject that after many forays into vegetarianism there probably will never be an equal substitute for the real thing.  There are, however, some very nice substitutes. For example we have tried the Hillstone Restaurant chain’s delicious and colossal black bean based veggie burger; and there are some very fine turkey burgers out there. There’s a really good one at New York’s Delicatessen 


We noticed in the last decade or so the mighty meaty burger with all its many variations is still at the top of the food chain and is going stronger than ever.  We think this has to do with the overall stress of modern society. The world is so tough and we need to round the edges by going all in with a humongously satisfying beef burger or lots of mini burgers made with every variant of beef, poultry, lamb and pork. Then we top them with luxuriant varieties of cheese, bacon, even foie gras and we cradle them in some exotically baked artisanal bun or bread.

To hell with healthy eating. Hey we might not be here very long. Terrorists may get us, or some horrible viral malady can suddenly take us down, or worse yet, we might succumb to some superstorm due, of course, to global warming which we all know is caused in part by the noxious methane expelled from the very animals we are going to eat.

So let us know if you have tried the Beyond Burger and if it is delicious enough to rouse suspicions of a  “corporate/ guvment conspiracy”  to ultimately take your meat burgers away.

Whatever your favorite burger, be it meaty or meatless, cheap or extravagant, remember the message in the following video.












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