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Thats a lot of Linguine and Clams

The phenomenal worldwide success of Eataly epitomizes what the food boom is all about. There are 30 Eataly locations worldwide and we estimate that 2016 Global sales will approach $500 million.

Eataly is the creation of entreprenueur and visionary Oscar Farinetti. His concept of a casbah of super high quality vendors and restaurants celebrating Italian food has spread from the original location in Turin to 10 locations in Italy, 13 in Japan, 1 in Sao Paulo, 1 in Istanbul , 2 in Dubai, 2 in  New York and  1 in Chicago. It is reported that the New York location in the Flatrion district grosses more that $85 million annually. A public stock offering is in the works that values Eataly at US$750 million

In the next two years Eataly’s U.S. operations will roll out stores in Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. London,Paris, Munich,and Moscow will be getting Eataly as well. In 2017 Eataly plans to launch a 20 acre theme park in Bologna highlighting the farm to table food /slow cooking  movement complete with agriculture, artisanal food processing and baking, Cooking schools, restaurants, retail, and a conference conference center  – a mini Disney for foodies…well more like this .

We will be following the worldwide progress of Eataly. Will it remain the Italian Food specialty juggernaut,growing from one store to 30 in less than a decade, and achieving some of the highest sales per square foot in food retailing ?

Or will it peak as a destination stop for hungry one percenters both visiting and living in worlds most expensive cities.


Stay tuned.

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