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Josh and Kate

Kate Krader, the new food editor at Bloomberg,has just posted a new puff  piece about how to behave at a steakhouse.

At the Bowery Meat Company the celebrity chef/ owner Josh Capon offers his advice on how to navigate this very popular New York City eatery.

Krader reaches new levels of the presumptuous and sycophancy in this article by seeming to buy into everything this celebrity chef is spouting.

If one is indulging in a $200 per person steak dinner they don’t really need a primer. Here’s the first piece of BS out of Capon’s mouth:

1.“Don’t walk into my steakhouse, just order a steak and then tell me it’s taking too long.”

So his solution is to order and appetizer first. To give him the proper time to prepare your steak to perfection.Then he advises:

 2. “Don’t fill up on appetizers before that beautiful steak comes to your table.”

3. “Treat the steak with respect.”

4. “Cut the steak down the middle to check that it’s cooked right.”

5. “Don’t be afraid to take home leftovers.”

6.  “Ask to see the steak you’re ordering.”

7. “Order a steak to the temperature that you want it.”

Come on Josh don’t treat your customers like morons. Come on Kate its just a steakhouse run by a chef/businessperson not a deity. Give leave to ordinary diners to indulge themselves in whatever way they choose.

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