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New York’s Celebrity Chefs Go All Out For Halloween

Here are some of the outrageous Halloween offerings by some of NY’s Culinary Finest.

sobewff_rachaelray_2005Rachael Ray proposes a festive cocktail: consisting of 12 ounces of her famous EVOO topped with pumpkin spice and 6 shots of Ciroc or Goldschlager. She suggests that you drink it out of little plastic pumpkin lanterns.

She guarantees that this one will have you mov’n for Halloween.

Dominique Ansel has a new creation called the Cro-Bar.slide1

It consists of two plastic laminated Cronuts attached to a genuine heavy gage steel crowbar.

You can use this creation to knock out as many a patrons ahead of you on the waiting line -for their morning cronut ration- as you like.cronut-bakery-nyc_

Celebrity Teen Chef Flynn McGarry9-3327000-scn140616flynn3_fct873x655x83-0x29-0_ct620x465

who is just 17 has recently moved to NYC  to open some pop up eating gigs beginning at Kava. For Halloween he is offering Twinkees wrapped in bacon in a reduction of Orange Crush and Axelrod’s Yogurt. It is accompanied by pickled hard-boiled eggs in an orange tie dye.abe25d9cce93b02332d3cfac966d15d9 Flynn reports that since his mother recently cut off the credit cards he is forced to shop for the first time in actual supermarkets, deli’s and bodega’s where he has discovered these and other delicacies for the budget conscious.


Le Bernadin’s  Eric Ripert

has created a Halloween tribute to the Hudson River consisting of freshwater Chelsea Pier mussels and octopus poached in WD 40


Yes it’s made from fish guts






It’s topped with a slaw of his pal Anthony Bourdains’s and his soon to be ex Olivia Busia’s shredded credit cards. Ripert hopes to offer this dish at Bourdain’s  60,000 sq  ft food hall, now scheduled to open in a few years.  Guess where it is?  Pier 57 on the Hudson.


Just Pals


Iron Chef Bobby Flay cfcae0e042d38ca173468e47701e558amakes a wonderfully personalized dessert; Asiago Crème Brulee. It’s topped with genuine candied red hair clippings from guess who?


Those hairs taste a little brittle


Christina Tosi,
fea-tosi-sprinkles-lg-01b-2015 because she is too busy running 8 Milk Bars, hosting Master Chef, getting married,buying a cool NYC apartment, and just being the “it” girl of the food world, can only offer a bowl of Turkey Hill Orange Sherbet. It is, however, sprinkled in her own gold tipped nail filing dust and topped with signature rice crispies.slide1

Hey Happy Halloween and we wonder whether actual celebrity chef tidbits of hair and nails will become a new food trend and signal an era of cannibalism started, of course, by Trump.















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