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Publicity crazed celebrity chefs around the country have been contacting us to post their Halloween creations.

Nancy Silverton of Osteria Mozza and LaBrea Bakery fame creates an amazing Jack-O-Lantern pizza.


Fun Fact: Nancy is the originator of the recipe

This year Nancy deconstructs the original Mozza Jack-O-Lantern pizza recipe “I’m a little bored with all the fancy flour and yeast so I have created the Jack-O’-Lantern pizza made from edible Play –doh”.


“I was inspired to do this after experiencing a meal a few years ago at Massimo Battura’s Osteria Francesca.”


Wolfgang Puck (Nancy Silverton’s Former Boss)


“Wasn’t he everybody’s former boss”

His publicist says all his Halloween creations for 2016 are already booked and his creations for 2017 are booked as well. She suggests that we reserve now to publish something in his repertoire for 2018. So to capture something in the now for this ubiquitous and peripateic celebrity chef, we recommend buying three cans of Wolfgang Puck’s organic corn chowder1352ecb9-e8b9-44f2-baa6-17dc89afb2fb_1-14ff447ee45f0585042c0adf0d14c45e

and topping it with a few kernels of candy corn.


Thomas Keller is offering a 10 course Halloween tasting menu at the world renowned French Laundry.The-French-Laundry-1.jpg

One of his signature dishes, cuisses de grenouille sur un baton -frogs legs on a stick-  has been modified to Frog’s Legs on a Witches Broomstick for this menu.4a171bbb78001bb15dd53e36ca46eb5c

Each of the 10 courses is served with a reduction Le Chat- the leading French laundry detergent.708886-jpgle-chat

Keller says “it adds complexity to every plate because of the action of the enzymes breaking down the food to its essence.  Bon appétit. At $325 per person you won’t be taken to the cleaners.


At Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago you are likely to pay $250 for a current reservation.


Who wouldn’t pay this entry fee in order to try this three-star Michelin’s chef’s signature halloween dish of desiccated reindeer heart reindeer-heart-smokedover handmade pumpkin egg noodles in a foam of unknown origin.




Montréal’s Joe Beef

is offering a play on the French Canadian favorite poutine created by chef owner’s David McMillan and Frederic Morin.


This poutine is composed of thinly sliced fried moose brain


 No we are not going to show you the real brain



on a  huge heap of McCain’s superfries and it is topped with yak cheese curds  and a smashing pumpkins gravy spiked with Seagram’s Crown

Hey it’s always Halloween over at Joe Beef just ask Anthony Bourdain and David Chang who are big fans.


Emeril Legasseat his four Las Vegas joints, is kicking it up a notch this Halloween 

He is offering  48 ounce porterhouse steaks swimming in Roquefort cheese


pumpkin-ravioliaccompanied by pumpkin raviolis. Both dishes are tossed, in the trash, by the underpaid and disgruntled kitchen staff.  They are re-plated by management 30 minutes later. This is just a good reason for all restaurant owners to kick it up a few notches by paying their workers a living wage.



On the verge of celebrity chefdom and someone we wish to elevate even further is Kwang Uh, the Zen master owner of Baroo in Los Angeles.matthew-kim-kwang-uh1

For Halloween he and the very healthly and mellow Baroo crew are proposing;

chocolate-chip-cookie-bottomed-salted-rum-caramel-tart-with-toasted-marshmallow-9 a Fermented Pumpkin Tartelette filled with mochi and burnt marshmallows floating on a coulee made from a purified and sanctified LA River Basin sluice,LA River_Nitsa.JPG which these days we hear is very hard to come by-drought and all.

We hope that everyone who is lucky enough to chow here- and all the other places we mention – uses their third eye to rise to their authentic Halloween selves.



Om Shanti…Out











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