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Has he become the Kardashian of the Food World?

Anthony Bourdain: From Street Food to Food Waste and a Glitzy NYC Food Hall .. Anthony is getting boring as he keeps blowing himself up in a never ending barrage of Celebrity.

Will we ever tire of Anthony Bourdain? Apparently he is now producing a documentary on food waste with super star chefs Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber, Danny Bowien and others. He should know a lot about this topic because he probably threw out a lot of stuff in his chef days at Les Halles in NYC. These days we think he is also throwing out too much television stuff. Parts Unknown is wearing thin.

BTW it’s been more than 15 years since Bourdain wrote Kitchen Confidential, which put him on the map. Bourdain is taking back some of his earlier advice: like don’t order fish in a restaurant on Mondays as fish distribution is a lot more efficient these days. Kitchen confidential also advised what not to order in some restaurants, things like Shepard’s pie, twice-cooked steaks and potentially worm-riddled swordfish. So much  for recycling food and eliminating waste.There are lots of contradictions in Anthony and he continues to contradict his own advice. He eats so much street shit and often dines in some fairly unsanitary looking places in Parts Unknown.

And we have a suggestion to help rent up “Anthony Bourdains’s Pier 57” (sounds like a San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf joint), a proposed 60,000 sq ft food hall which is now a few years behind schedule and may open in 2019.bourdain_pier1-0-0

So we float a proposal to have one star Michelin Chef Chan Hong Meng come to New York and open Hong Kong Soya Sauce chicken in Tony’s food hall. And since Bourdain is doing a documentary with Massimo Boturra perhaps he can get this 3 star chef to endorse this hypothetical venture as well. Maybe Massimo can come back to New York and open a “slow food” noodle joint right next to fast food Chef Chan. The top of the food world is very clubby indeed. It’s time  to let Chef Chan in and we think Bourdain and his friends should help.


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