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Boulud Can Be a Bad Boy

Daniel Boulud must pay $1.3 million  in damages to a man who swallowed a wire brush bristle at his Bistro Modern in NYC. Although his petit fours are beautiful, Boulud is a tough cookie. He’s appealing the damage award although his insurance will probably cover it.

Boulud  was sued by some his employees for wage theft. He fought it tooth and nail and like the brush and bristle case, in the end he had to pay. About $1.5 million in a New York civil action and some undisclosed big bucks in a Federal Court Settlement.

It hasn’t been a great year for Boulud and his Dinex  Restaurant Group as they have closed  DB  Brasserie in the Venetian Hotel as the days of mass market fine French cuisine in Vegas may be over.

                          We hope Daniel isn’t bristle-ing too bad over all of this.

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