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Food Celeb’s Thanksgiving Doings 2016

And yes this is mostly fake news.

Nigella Lawson spatchcock’s her bird.


This sounds either terribly naughty or delicious, as spatchcocking is one of the most popular thanksgiving cooking terms that you never heard of until now.

The term “spatchcock a turkey” has  over  187,000 google references this November

And it refers to a cooking technique for fowl where the bird is cut up first and roasted.

Snoop Dogg is giving away 4000 turkeys


But there is a catch. The recipients must agree to cook them according to his pal and collaborator Martha Stewart’s new  recipe. They have come up with a weed infused Turkey brine.


Yup, there’s weed in there!

Snoop and Martha plan to open a restaurant in Denver to be called Snoop and Martha’s THC spot where they will offer all of Martha and Snoop’s recipes and then some.

Giada De Laurentiis cooks a Thanksgiving meal at the Mother Theresa Soup Kitchen in Downtown L.A.slide7She figures Sainthood can’t be too far off from Celebrity Chefdom. Just kidding and we hear she does a lot of charity work. Here’s one.

Grant Achatz has created a disappearing Turkey Dinner at Chicago’s famed Alinea



Where did it go?

The meal is so light and ephemeral that you may have to visit a nearby Chicago Red Hot placegene-judes-1 like Gene and Judes  immediately after your transcendence from Alinea. You’ll need a little sustenance for the Uber ride home.

Guy Fieri is a TurkeyGuyFieri.jpg

And a very successful one at that. He will be eating himself at Guy’s American in NYC Times Square.   Although not a favorite of New York Times Restaurant critic Pete Wells, Fieri’s restaurant is one of the highest grossing in the United States with more than $16 million of annual sales.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Thanksgiving menu

 goop12will be low calorie, no fat, organic, vegan, gluten free, no cruelty, maximum sustainability, and it will be prepared by unionized workers with full health benefits. It will be called Goop Soup.

Gwyneth plans to use whatever ingredients remain in her fridge 004-1and will add in edible organic cosmetic product remnants from her boudoir.

Anthony Bourdain will have Thanksgiving Dinner with President-Elect Trump and some other Billionaires at the Trump Tower.

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous. But when you wake up from your thanksgiving food coma Trump will still be President- Elect Trump. Anthony will be..who knows?

Yes you heard it hear.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!!

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