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Faves and Raves: 10 dishes that are keeping NYC’s restaurants at the top of the food chain.

FoodBlogger Ken Shin visits the many of  NYC’s hot tables. This passionate diner has a knack for sampling the best things to eat at some of the best places. Try some these favorites and let us know what you think.

Rice noodle in Thai chili paste soup @ Look by Plant Love House


Winterize yourself with this.

I’m always a sucker for Thai food, and I’ve been wanting to check out the Brooklyn location of Plant Love House  I very much enjoyed most of the spicy dishes here, but the star of my visit was this rice noodle with jumbo shrimp, pork patty, bacon and soft boiled egg inside. The soup was so aromatic with a spicy kick. I definitely recommend this dish to warm your body on a cold night or if your in desperate need for a hangover cure.

Westermann’s Baeckeoff @ Le Coq Rico


This chicken will cost you but don’t Back-off.

It’s marvelous to see what the French can do with poultry dishes. Let’s start with Le Coq Rico, an implant from an acclaimed chef who already has a three Michelin star restaurant in Strasbourg. The whole chicken dishes here don’t come cheap, but all my sense of guilt for splurging completely disappeared after I started devouring this beautiful bird inspired by a classic chicken dish in Alsace. I would boldly call this the best chicken dish in the city at the moment.

Potato salad @ Agern

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.19.04 PM.png

Not a hint of Mayo in this potato salad. 

New Nordic / Scandinavian restaurants are highly popular these days. The most high-profile is from Noma’s co-founder Claus Meyer who boldly invaded the Grand Central train station with a giant food hall and Agern. I’ve always appreciated the New Nordic cuisine’s emphasis on fresh ingredients and careful attention to execution, and Agern certainly delivered on that promise. I would’ve ordered this beautiful potato salad dish once more if I could and would love to have this for lunch every day

Dry aged duck @ Freek’s Mill

A neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn that delivers surprisingly high-quality food is what would make my weekend so joyful. On my first Brooklyn date with my girlfriend, we discovered Freek’s Mill and had a lot to like about this warm and cozy establishment. I have a pretty high standard for duck, but the dry aged breast with cranberry beans and rosemary honey is one of top duck dishes in New York. It was was so memorable that my girlfriend can’t stop thinking about it and me of course.

Saffron milk @ Indian Accent

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.35.01 PM.png

Saffron Milk Fluff?  Who knew?

Indian Accent is one of the top newcomers for Indian food originating in New Delhi. All the food that I’ve had here displayed remarkable balance of flavor and I would dare not skip the muskan malai dessert that has this delightful saffron milk fluff that will wow you the more you dig into it.

Emmy burger @ Emily


Like the rest of NY I’m in love with Emmy

There are a lot of newcomers in burger category and there is much to like about the classic burger at the newly opened Salvation Burger from the Spotted Pig team, but if I have to pick just one favorite, Emily’s burger will undoubtedly top the list.  I loved the combination of the  juicy texture of meat inside a pretzel bun with caramelized onion and cheddar. This beautiful thing gave me pure joy in every bite.

Pork porterhouse @ Sauvage


I would not hesitate to “steer” you to Greenpont for this.

Greenpoint is not the neighborhood that I frequent during trips to Brooklyn, but Sauvage will certainly motivate me to come back again. Why? Look at this beautiful pork porterhouse with bok choy and pickled rhubarb. The texture is close to perfection that I don’t even know how the kitchen prepared a pork dish like this. If anyone asks for a recommendation of a pork dish, this is it.

Goat cheese tart @ La Sirène


Floored in SoHo

NYC has seen a ton of hip French bistro openings this year, but that doesn’t mean all the older ones are no longer viable dining destinations. Let’s start with La Sirène, an absolutely charming place in SoHo, that really knows how to prepare French food with soulfulness. I was absolutely floored by this phenomenal goat cheese tart and ended up coming back a week later with our mutual friends just to savor it again.

Tempura fried scallops @ Olmsted


If you only eat one scallop this year make sure it’s this one.

Olmsted was the critical darling of 2016 dining scene, and deservedly so. Everything in this restaurant is so beautiful, from its backyard garden to all the dishes that displayed so much thoughtfulness and creativity. Carrot crepe with little neck clams seems to be the go-to dish from the restaurant (and I agree it is a remarkable one), but my personal favorite was this perfectly fried scallops with impeccable texture which I hope they keep on the menu forever.

Shrimp curry pie @ Paowalla

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.26.38 PM.png

My My Shrimp Curry Pie

Paowalla is a return of famed chef Floyd Cardoz to his Indian roots and it is a triumphant one. There are lots of winners from the early side of menu based on “pao” (a type of Portuguese-influenced bun). This awesome shrimp curry pie was my winner. Accompanied by roasted beet salad it is seemingly simple and its elegant flavor displays a ton of rich complexity without overpowering the palate.  Welcome back to the Big Apple, chef Cardoz!

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