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Mash-up Madness In L.A.

By: FoodboombloggerWest

Here in food paradise on the West Coast, culinary adventuring has taken the lead and there has been an evolution of food fission and fusion. Either way, it’s an explosion.

Cross pollinating cuisine has been with us since the Chinese landed in the Americas in 1421-a feat for which Jews on Christmas Eve are eternally grateful.

After patiently waiting in the bar for their time in the foodie sun, mash-ups are de rigueur.

Take two translators to dinner at Favori in Orange County which has been a go to for French and Vietnamese since the French actually ran the country back in the 1950’s. Here, Entrecote Lyonnaise shows up on the same plate with your Banh Xeo,a mashed-up version of crepes/omelette.


Crepe or Omelette you decide.

And don’t forget to hit Lily’s Bakery at 6:00 AM and you’ll find out just how French local Vietnamese food is. Lily’s Banh Mi Sandwich requires Liver Pate smeared on a fresh baguette before the Nuoc Cham, pickled Daikon, Carrots, Cabbage and some Mex-Cilantro goes on it.


with a foie pate smear

A tidal surge of cross “salad” dressing came to town on the bumper of the now famous Kogi Taco Truck. The signature offering aboard the Truck is the Korean Gochjujang, Soy, Garlic, Ginger marinated short ribs with Asian Slaw in a soft steamed suave corn tortilla. When first introduced around 8 years ago it was like a meteor in the shape of a Loncheria hit L.A. The second day that truck parked at UCLA 600 people had lined up to get some. One could hardly imagine that Taco Truck Owner Roy Choi would become a darling of foodie television and build an empire of four trucks, four Asian inspired restaurants, and a few best selling cookbooks. Being a card-carrying lemming, I finally tracked down the Orange roach coach anchored in the parking lot of a Best Buy. I queued up with my fellow foodie followers, waited for an hour memorizing the minimal menu and finally ordered me two of them K-Mex Tacos to go.


Chef Roy Choi’s empire started with this mash-up.

Side Bar: Unfortunately, shortly after ingesting, I experienced a severe case of E.D.  No not erectile dysfunction, but Enteric Dysentery. After a month’s end I had lost 30 pounds. I thought I had found the next big weight loss thing and I was ready to team up with Oprah! Roy Choi states clearly on his Web Site that if you don’t like his food, just ask for your money back and so I requested $14 be returned on principle. Did Roy contact me. No?  What a coincidence. So, all I have to say to you, Roy boy, is “Come mi Papa, soy un Kogi Taco gigante”.

The ultimate Thai joint, Jitlada, offers an off menu straight ahead American Cheeseburger.


Its yours if you ask politely in perfect Thai.

Badmaash is dishing up Mex-Indian that really works. Chili Cheese Naan and Chicken Tikka Poutine.


Canadian Mexican Indian. Presently legal under NAFTA . Trump may ban it.

Escala is serving Korean Columbian food like this Ceviche in a Mexican neighborhood .


It worked for Roy Choi with K- Mex so why not K- Columbian.

Talk about confused but that’s before we get to Seoul Waffle Pizza


Speaks for itself.

Revolutionario is heaving up North African Tacos


3 of a Kind

InkaMama’s is pushing Peruvian Chinese at four locations


Chicken and Brocoli  No?

One Star


Selling the coolest hot fried K-Cluck along with Bulgogi Pizza.

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