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NYC vs L.A. A showdown of the best food and restaurants.


In the latest posts our bi-coastal food blogger rivals, with their seemingly limitless credit cards and bottomless stomachs, take us to two of greatest dining rooms in the world. Spago in L.A. and Eleven Madison Park in NYC. Whether you are “eating vicariously” or may some day dine at one or both of these privileged tables we can’t think of a better way to bring the battle of NYC and LA to your attention.

There is always a rivalry between the East Coast and the West Coast especially when it involves food. We can narrow this down a lot to include New York and L.A. the number one and two largest cities respectively. If we look at a 50 mile radius from the downtown’s of both cities we find more than 40 million inhabitants representing a polyglot of culinary diversity. Both regions are essential to the economies of the world and are of great significance to American culture. Here you have the set-up for a food competition- a beef about beef of sorts and a whole lot of other edibles. Which City has the best?

And so we begin a regular feature on the blog which attempts to stoke the flames of this contentiousness. We are fortunate to have two outstanding bloggers Ron W from the L.A. area and Ken S of NYC. Both these food fanatics regularly make the rounds of the hottest dining spots and the many more obscure places that serve some of the best food in the world. While they have quite different review styles their level of discernment is among the highest of the high and we are pretty sure they don’t smoke anything !

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