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Trump and the Food World are back in the Headlines

With all the crazy shit going on in the world this week as Trump tries to disrupt pretty much everything, we just learned that Trump and celebrity chef Jose Andres have finally settled their lawsuit.

Trump went after Andres after he backed out of his contract to open and operate a restaurant in the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Andres was outraged at Trump’s anti immigrant remarks during the campaign and decided he didn’t want anything to do with Trump. Trump who famously blustered that he never settles lawsuits probably realized this week that vengeful litigation is a waste of his valuable Presidential time.

Just this week Trump had to contend with a variety of dictators from the Middle East,Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.13.12 PM

la-north-korea-submarine-missile-test-20150509 A hyper aggressive missile foray by North Korea.





Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.06.45 PM

 And his own missile strikes on Syria. Oh and of course the summit visit by the Chinese leader Xi JinPing.

By the way the Trump University class action fraud lawsuit was approved this week for settlement by the courts for a reported $25 million payout to students who claimed they were ripped off by Trump.

We previously joked that Andres and Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian who is also being sued by Trump were holding out for a $25 million settlements as well. Zakarian backed out of his contract to build and operate a restaurant in the Trump International Hotel In New York City as he was outraged by Trump’s anti-immigrant rants.

Andres is walking away with a win because his stature has been greatly enhanced by his principled stand on immigration and as champion for undocumented restaurant workers who are the backbone of the restaurant business across the United States. Zakarian also clearly benefited from the publicity as he continues his run as a celebrity chef judge on the Food Network’s hit show Chopped. If he doesn’t have to incur any significant payments to Trump he too may walk away a big winner.

In the mean time Trump is taking some heat from the pundits at Eater who have classified the dinner served to the Chinese head of State Xi Jin Ping at Mar-a-Lago as a wedding dinner from the 1990’s. Here’s the menu:

Caesar Salad
Homemade focaccia croutons, parmigiano-reggiano

Pan-Seared Dover Sole 
Champagne sauce
Herb-roasted new potatoes, haricots verts, and Thumbelina carrots


Dry Aged Prime New York Strip Steak
Whipped potatoes, roasted root vegetables

Chocolate Cake
Vanilla sauce, dark chocolate sorbet

Trio of Sorbet 
Lemon, mango, and raspberry






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