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NYC vs L.A. The Showdown of the best food and restaurants continues.

Our foodbloggers Ken S on the East Coast and Ron W on the West Coast continue to max out their credit cards and retirement plans at some of the best restaurants the world. We are trying to answer the unanswerable and to know the unknowable. Which City has the best eats? Admittedly both bloggers like to go for the high end places to write up their gustatory experiences and we bring these city by city comparisons to you in the manner of a heavyweight boxing match. While Ken and Ron don’t actually take their gloves off with each other, the restaurants they have chosen to review are certainly main events in the culinary spectacle. This time its Danny’s Meyer’s Union Square Cafe, a formidable NYC institution  vs The Ponte a newly opened Italian spot in Beverly Grove L.A.  by non other than Celebrity Chef Scott Conant and his dining mogul and impressario Stephane Bombet.

Click here for  Ron’s the Review of The Ponte

Click here for Ken’s Review of Union Square Cafe

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