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Just In: New York Times Pete Wells Chimes in on Noma Tulum. Is it Riduculous and Superfluous?

This week New York Times critic Pete Wells wrote a thoughtful piece opting out of a review of Noma Tulum. We stand behind our Ridiculous adjective and add Superfluous to boot.  This may go down as one of Well’s most controversial and popular articles along with his takedowns of Guy Fieri, Thomas Keller, and David Chang.

It is worth noting that when one of the world’s great food writers Jonathan Gold of the Los Angeles Times eats at one of the world’s great chef’s Rene Redzepi’s pop-up restaurant Noma in Tulum Mexico, there is an abundance of thought and preparation by both superstars. But we think Mr. Gold went out of his way to give a somewhat favorable write-up of Noma Tulum. Were it not for Redzepi’s fame perhaps Gold my have been more critical. We poked some fun at Redzepi’s Tulum pop-up in a previous post. And after Gold’s review the Tulum pop-up appears to us to be completely ridiculous.

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