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Advice for Anthony Bourdain in 2018

It must be good to be Anthony Bourdain. I mean all that adulation, a dream job, an Italian movie star girlfriend and of course the big bucks – estimated to be $16 million a year.
But really, here is a guy with serious eating disorders, a self-confessed addictive personality, and narcissism as big as Trump’s.  Both men are after all TV stars.
Sorry fans Anthony has become ridiculous.
Lets start with the those abs and the apparent lack of body fat. How does such a prodigious eater and drinker maintain that ripped bean pole look? Probably by working out and training 4-6 hours per day.  But on a 61 year old guy it really doesn’t look that good. So lets hope Anthony will keep most of his clothes on and the cameras away when his shirt is off in 2018.  Anthony why not just put on a few pounds?  You’ll look more age appropriate for the lady-killer that you are.

Readers let us know what you think. We will have more on this.

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  1. Élisabeth Leclair // January 12, 2018 at 7:42 pm // Reply

    Anthony will end up at the bottom of the ocean. The abs on the above picture have to be plastic!!!!

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