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We are shocked by the news of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. For us and the millions of his fans his death leaves a big hole in the world of celebrity chefdom, food journalism and entertainment.

We knew Anthony from his days as the chef at NYC’s Les Halles on Park Avenue and 29th St. where he shared his cutting wit and brilliance with us many times over some good food and wine.Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.10.57 AM

In hindsight it was no surprise that he became an international phenomenon. A supernova if there ever was one.

In addition to giving us all the great food, a runaway best seller “Kitchen Confidential” and hours and hours of fascinating television entertainment he gave us lots of cannon fodder to poke fun at him on this blog.

Thank you Anthony.

Our condolences to those who where close to him. He was known to be a great friend, mentor and family man.


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