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The Best Dishes of New York 2019

Our bloggers ate their way around New York with no signs of satiation. It was extremely difficult to choose just 10 but the mission is accomplished. Special thanks to Ken Shin and Ron Winters for their fearless dining.

Braised Sardine Atomix

The lowly sardine is taken to extraordinary heights by the Michelin starred Chef ‘s at this Korean gastronomic hotspot. Blogger Ken Shin says “This dish was magnificent with a spicy kick from gochugaru (pepper powder). It’s served with dried gourd and tofu on top with a bowl of rice, sea urchin, and pine nuts on the side. ” So start rock’n the clock on Tock and get your meal ticket to one of the world’s greatest interpretations of Korean food.

Porterhouse Steak Peter Luger

New York Times critic Pete Wells crucified this iconic Brooklyn Institution. He is one of a rare few who just didn’t appreciate this great steak.

Our Critic Ron Winters had a much different take on the steak.

The Porterhouse for 1, 2, 3, 4, or the whole 182nd Airborne Division is why you come to Luger’s. It was dead perfect. Period. The steak arrives pre-cut on a large platter luxuriating in Jus. It comes directly from a 1,200 degree grill/oven and is so hot, your face may burn. This is the way it’s been served to generations of New York elites. The meat was flavorful and melt in your mouth good. We had all of the popular side dishes as well and they were praiseworthy.

So join the crowds, prepare to get jostled to your table, and have one of the best steaks anywhere.

Tagliolini Ragu Rezdora

This dish was enjoyed by our critics and a big reason to head to the proverbial Emilia Romagna countryside hills in NYC. At Rezdora you will have a true farm to table experience. Of course have the Tagliolini Ragu, it’s like a visit to your Italian Nonna on Sunday. It’s even better if you don’t have an Italian Nonna. No surprise that all of the pasta dishes here are exceptional. So if you are jonesing for Italia go here.

Short Rib and Chicken Crown Shy

We are not sure of the quirky name choice for this spot but it has quickly risen to one of the top tables in New York.

Critic Ken Shin calls for a combo here and so should you.”It’s not an exaggeration to say the chicken and short rib combo at Crown Shy is one of the top meat dish duos I’ve ever had at a restaurant, period.”

Don’t be Shy and order one or two of these dishes here.

Vodka Pizza Rubirosa

The explosive growth in tourism in New York has triggered a boom in Pizzeria’s all over the city. Most of them are pretty good, but, it’s increasingly difficult to discern the best. So we have to go with a subset in the Pizza universe, Vodka Pizza. You wont find Vodka pizza everywhere in New York City. The best of the best can be enjoyed at Rubirosa a very popular and always busy pizza and pasta destination on Elizabeth Street.

The Vodka Pizza here is a very thin, quick cooked pie, with the proper balance of creamy red sauce, fresh mozz, and the delectable tang of the Vodka. The kitchen may actually use a very good vodka brand. You will no doubt inhale this. No pizza by the slice, here, so take your time, wait for a table, and enjoy a pizza or two.

Surf and Turf Sushi by Bou

The concept at the ever expanding Sushi by Bou, is to provide a top quality Omakase experience for a great price in a speak-easy environment. The catch, if there is one, is that you must complete your 8 to 12 courses, in under 60 minutes. No three to four hours in a high dollar Omakase, with some iconic 80 year old Japanese sushi master throwback. Bou offers a great experience for about $100 to $150 bucks per person instead of the $250 to $500 and up in the dozens of Manhattan’s high end places. Your Omakase at Bou is prepared by super fast and well trained young hipster sushi masters.

Sushi by Bou may be the place for you if: you have attention deficit disorder, you are an extremely fast eater, you are budget conscious, or you are just plain cheap.

As an add on to your Omakase you can choose the Surf and Turf. It consists of a few tender chunks of flash seared Waygu beef topped with a morsel of the freshest Santa Barbara sourced Sea Urchin (Uni) and served in a Nori hand roll. Ok I’ll say it, it was the Bomb.

Blueberry Pancakes Side of Fried Chicken

Clinton Street Baking Company

In the quest for the City’s best Blueberry Pancakes the venerable and extremely popular Clinton Street Baking Company comes out on top.

The Blueberry Pancakes at the chaotic Creamline in the Chelsea market were a contender as were the wonderful Blueberry Crepes at the brunch worthy La Grainne Cafe in Chelsea. They are no longer on the menu so please bring them back.

Clinton Street’s Flapjacks take the prize but the bonus here is to have them with the Fried Chicken which usually accompanies the Chicken and Waffles. Chicken and Waffles be damned. Add this tender and perfectly fried chicken, with hints of pepper and garlic, as your side, to make this dish the King of Brunch in New York.

Burger and Fries Corner Bistro

When Very Good Becomes the Best Thanks to Gentrification and Foodie Tourism.

Corner Bistro located on Jane Street and West Fourth Street has been serving up very good burgers and bar food for ages. It was always a dive bar and a good old neighborhood place for some brews and burgers. In just a decade or so this relatively quiet and diverse West Village neighborhood and its nearby environs has gained its share of foodie tourists and extremely wealthy new residents. Hence Corner Bistro has become a magnet in the search for best non fast food burger. It is worthy? Yes. Is it great? Perhaps. Should you stand in line? That is up to you.

Here are some thoughts from blogger Ken Shin

“The bistro burger at $12.75 per person is certainly a bargain compared to the other gourmet burgers sold at places like Minetta Tavern or Spotted Pig. It is higher in price than, say, Shake Shack, especially if you consider that you have to get fries separately at $3.50 per person.”

“Each bite of meat with a simple combination of onions, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickles packed inside the buns was quite wonderful, although we really had to work through this enormous stack with care not to make too much mess at the table. The fries were also quite aptly cooked, and served as a nice complement to the burger.”

No argument here. Corner Bistro Burger now makes our choice for one of the ten best dishes. Its always been delicious and juicy. Eat it slowly and savor it. Wash it down with a cold brew. It’s an experience worth preserving in an ever changing metropolis like New York. Now in three locations. There is nothing like success!

Ginger Carrot Cake Bibble and Sip

The amazing pastry chefs at this super busy and crowded Bakery and Coffee spot with locations in Mid Town and Little Italy/Chinatown are in the same league as the world famous Dominique Ansel.

Go to Bibble and Sip for a distinctively Asian take on beautiful and innovative pastries. They are very well known for the Matcha Flavored Cream Puffs, Yuzu Fruit Tarts, Black Sesame Croissants and Scones.

The hard to find Ginger Carrot Cake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting is exceptional. It’s not always in stock. If you find a slice or two, grab it. Better yet, order a whole cake in advance. It is that good. End of Story.

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