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The Best Dishes in NYC 2017

    FoodBoomblogger and diner extraorinaire Ken Shin shares his picks of NYC’s best plates. Aska.   120 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye, Preserved Black Currant and [...]

Overrated In NY

Our Foodboombloggers have been checking out some of NYC’s hotspots and trends and they weigh in with some disturbing findings. So if your time and health are valuable [...]

Do The Wrong Thing

Summerhill Brooklyn’s Boozy Sandwich Shop a new Crown Heights establishment reaches the height of racial insensitivity and arrogance revealing the worst aspects of [...]

Critique of Critics

Restaurant journalism seems to be an anachronism these days. The idea that a famous newspaper critic can visit a restaurant a few times, sometimes in disguise, to be [...]

Boulud Can Be a Bad Boy

Daniel Boulud must pay $1.3 million  in damages to a man who swallowed a wire brush bristle at his Bistro Modern in NYC. Although his petit fours are beautiful, Boulud is a [...]