Food Flash

Does Yelp Need Help ?

To most foodies Yelp is a great help. As the Yelp universe expands to millions of Yelpers it is getting harder to find really great restaurant experiences solely based on the [...]

Josh and Kate

Kate Krader, the new food editor at Bloomberg,has just posted a new puff  piece about how to behave at a steakhouse. [...]


Thats a lot of Linguine and Clams The phenomenal worldwide success of Eataly epitomizes what the food boom is all about. There are 30 Eataly locations worldwide and we [...]

Low End – High End

Tidbits about great food and restaurants on both ends of the spectrum. Massimmo meet Chan At the moment 3 Michelin Star chef Massimmo Bottura’s restaurant Osteria [...]

The Art of Yelping Part 1

  Yelp now boasts over 100 million reviews and more than 145 million unique viewers each month. Yelping for many is becoming a social media popularity contest involving [...]

Is Parts Unknown Missing the Mark?

 We all love Anthony Bourdain he epitomizes coolness and his hip, cutting, and cynical takes on the food and restaurant world have elevated him to stardom. The Bourdain [...]

Beyond Burger..Beyond Belief ??

The highly touted Beyond Burger, a meatless largely vegetable protein burger, is making its way into Whole Foods and selected restaurants around the country. The goal of this [...]